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@pkvi · 5d
1. Vaguely remastering remaining ~50 #TVShow before production
2. Trimming 13,500 miters at 250 per day (~54 days)
3. #TVProgram returns after #1
4. #RFT animations and models urgency elevated
5. Pamphlet (≖_≖ )> #pfs

@pkvi · 15d
.dev (10.024)
1. #TVShow vaguely remastered uploads and embeds
2. TikTok uploads (existing content)
3. #Miter platform bug extermination and aesthetics
4. Miter old-content filtration
5. #TVProgram pre-production (+/-8)
6. TVShow casting
7. #RFT animations and formulations

@pkvi · 24d
Issue: php otc doy bug in dev
Update: closed
Issue: js otc doy/woy/counter in dev
Update: closed

@pkvi · 29d
#Miter has been re-written entirely.
It is now 35% lighter, HTML5 and PHP8+ compliant.
Aesthetics is still under development.
>bugs ~(o.o)~
>miter archive re-populating
>engineering content updating syntax

@pkvi · 4y 232d
Actual propulsion technology will embrace the mass and filter it thru the space craft -> a sort of jet ski -> drawing space in a funnel and focusing that energy outward with contraction/expansion as potential/kinetic. How? Working on it...
@pkvi · 4y 238d
Conservatism is an act of obedience. Subservient to some thing and nothing - but appeasement all the same. Conservatives gift delights with the asterisk that you must tow the line and sacrifice for ethereal gestures.
@pkvi · 4y 245d
May have determined that the additional parallel search for tenon files corrupts the #miter search - which cyclically corrupts the tenon search. Divorcing the two for a potential solution.
@pkvi · 4y 256d
2/2 NYC is the capital of lecturing about technological advancements for environmental and social change the while redundantly perpetuating a century ago habitat and stifling technology development programs. Liberalism is not solution advocacy.
@pkvi · 4y 257d
3. For a warped plane - the density of space must be changed in ratio to its distance to the center of mass (galaxy) therefore a null as defined for space would be: false. Sounds suspiciously like #ResistanceTheory permitting density flex. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@pkvi · 4y 273d
Collaboration and inclusion are not synonymous as one suggests while the latter insists. Homosexuals are an abnormality that shd be treated socially as such .. thus their goals shd be to diminish attention to their short comings.
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