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@pkvi · 30d
"There will be a day when you wish you had done a little evil, to do a greater good." - Sybilla (Kingdom of Heaven) #pfs
@pkvi · 74d
1. Vaguely remastering remaining ~50 #TVShow before production
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2. Trimming 13,500 miters at 250 per day (~54 days)
3. #TVProgram returns after #1
4. #RFT animations and models urgency elevated
5. Pamphlet (≖_≖ )> #pfs

@pkvi · 2y 160d
Is a coup of a coup called a coup?
Asking for a friend. #pfs

@pkvi · 2y 163d
2/2 ..but keep voting. Hope for good intentions to surface in a system so overwhelmed by segregated fundamentals that surely your side will win out bcuz it can not be subverted (again). Meanwhile, the rest of us will start a new country. #pfs
@pkvi · 2y 168d
Are the emotional support dogs (all of a sudden despite daily espousing the terror) also there for the distress of approving the murder of thousands of innocent people including women and children? Fuck this country --> mulligan. #pfs
@pkvi · 2y 180d
>doing our part
Will do a damn sight more.

@pkvi · 2y 192d
>pay debt by raising debt limit
(._.)> huh?
How does one pay debt without taking more from the owners of said debt --> ah yes, you increase the credit limit of the Federal Reserve (Rothchild). Hey Jacob, watch what we do to your ledger. (╯°□°)╯︵ poof #pfs

@pkvi · 2y 195d
Neg88th Parallel #pfs
@pkvi · 2y 216d
When frustrated by normies not using critical thinking to escape the ((simulation)), you must compartmentalize species and higher function; humans are not composed to read, write, defy. We are primarily lead/follow hunt/gather. We must lead. #pfs
@pkvi · 2y 235d
>bring your child to work day
Look closer --> the "leaders" are unmasked while their pet tokens are all masked bcuz (>_ლ). Say no to globalism --> #pfs

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