Why Ayh?
"...may not meet professional standards."
252 miters
122 tenons
@pkvi · 12d
>directs me to ulta 'clean ingredients'
>no 'clean ingredient' products
(._.)> ..ayh wonder.
>one dive later
In 2,021(g) the Ulta Beauty board of directors replaced the female CEO with a balding ugly white man with no cosmetic experience and a degree from Chicago in economics --> *<:o)

@pkvi · 12d
>tiktok ban-to-sale to merchant stake-holders
The platform is inherently difficult to censor by volumetric design, therefore a remaining propaganda sieve.
>israeli empire
Additionally it has also enabled /every/ user to become a product shill.
>propaganda and market-place
Merchant pornography!

@pkvi · 13d
>brake dust
Friction stoppage for all wheeled vehicles
>1.7 billion tires per year (ex.)
>200 grams to ~1 kilogram (plus) brake pad mass
of metallic fibrous dust.
Advent of a gearing safe clutching or frictionless stoppage (or slowing to reduce friction braking) would earn at least a cake.

@pkvi · 15d
>christ is king
If serfdom in this kingdom is to progressively suffer by threat of eternal damnation so as to demonstrate loyalty to the crown despite being kin of the same, then we shd depose this monarch.

@pkvi · 15d
>ignorance is bliss
..until it is no longer justifiable.
>fine, what do you want?! \(ಠ_ಠ)/
There is dumb ..and there is ♪ uncomfortably dumb ♬

@pkvi · 15d
.dev (10.024)
1. #TVShow vaguely remastered uploads and embeds
2. TikTok uploads (existing content)
3. #Miter platform bug extermination and aesthetics
4. Miter old-content filtration
5. #TVProgram pre-production (+/-8)
6. TVShow casting
7. #RFT animations and formulations

@pkvi · 17d
>nine billion annually
An over-draft ("error") is by design an unnecessary faux credit debt (for a fee) as alternative to denying payment for alerted irresponsible user management. It is emphatically merchant fraud. #Anarchy

@pkvi · 20d
Persistence of this notion (every 5 years) has grown the subatomic theory of every thing to (17) particles and (~4) dimensions ( far).
>job security
>can not see the forest for the tree
Perceive these points of /moments/ as variable energetic collisions, they would be too numerous to model. #RFT

@pkvi · 20d
>spheres are the most efficient shape in nature
Spheres are not consequence of the material inside but by external influences. Standard Model and Quantum Mechanics physicists make /conditioned/ effort to scrutinize the point rather than the field as catalyst. #RFT
>nothing matters most

@pkvi · 21d
>lasers excite particles
Research is skewed when based on intrusive irregular states,
the innate must then be inferred.
>measuring time paradox
Skeptical research is when they 'aim a laser' at said thing when matter, waves, electricity and nothingness remains strictly theoretical.

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