Why Ayh?
"...may not meet professional standards."
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Every night, as each of us fade into a tireless sleep, within moments, our mind seizes control. A cascade of images, sounds and thoughts are chaotically restrained in concert. It is there were are taken into another world. One that cannot and will not ever exist, but will seem as real. Laying here in the stillness of the night, is where we dream.

Each half hour episode will take you inside the mind of someone much like you and give you a glimpse into their dreams. See what events trigger these abstract imaginations and how the dreamer is forever influenced when they wake.

Every episode gifts the viewer with a different genre of dream, perhaps something of such oddity that it can't contain your laughter or perhaps something that will darken before your eyes and chill your spine. Everyone experiences different dreams. Dreams that can lead into intangible paths.

Every episode also offers a distinct insight from a collage of guest writers, directors and performers.

One of the most unique opportunities is for you, the viewer, to see your dreams come alive. Through the studio's website, you as a viewer will have an opportunity to send in your dream to be written into an episode. If your dream is selected for adaptation, you could earn a walk on roll in that episode.

There is an immense vastness to this series, allowing for such diversity and interactivity for the viewer and creators.

Dreams will no longer be hidden away within our minds.


Pitch Pilot (0X01)
Written and directed by Tv as a tool to present the perception of the television series, this 8 minute pitch pilot features the complex dynamics of the potential of the series. (Coming Soon)

A family and their neighbors struggle to flee an impending terror. Cornered, they struggle just to survive. Through the mysterious darkness they will be freed, not knowing that this darkness will just as swiftly take it away.

Dreams "Pilot" Screenplay (Registration Required)

Imprisoned for life for their crimes, they are dispensable from society. Within these walls, they become an experiment for the evolution of all of civilization.

Two elderly men play a simple and quiet game of chess in the middle of park of a metropolitan city. Though, with each piece, the moves are reflected in the actions of a burglar -- law enforcement -- and the mob.

A blind man sees the world as he has seen it behind the eyes of darkness and when a young girl introduces the impression of color, the world as he sees it becomes the beauty of confusion.

A wave of illness sweeps across the land. Professionals fear a horrifying disease has been unleashed upon the public but when one man truly sees behind the burden he himself now suffers from -- he asks why does it not stop. They answer, that it cannot. It is time.

A loving family moves into a mysterious new town and in one swift tragedy, the father and husband watches his family die in a horrific accident -- as the towns people look on. The father now alone, is haunted by the silence -- or is it something else? No one believes him. No one is convinced. Is there something this town is trying to keep secret?

In 1870, western world travelers find their way to the shores of Sri Lanka. There, one traveler discovers a young woman. A woman capable of such intellectual miracles, she would ancestor the perspectives of sciences today. Stricken with love, the traveler struggles with the urge and his colleagues to confiscate her from her home in order to introduce her to the world.

On a discreet mission, a bumbling spy happens upon a laboratory. Once inside, he makes a stumbling mistake while pilfering a series of experimental chemicals. Now, everything inanimate he touches, is very much animated and comes with it's own unique characteristic making the spy's life a tad difficult to conceal.

A criminal displays a bewildering ability and escapes. It is then he desperately tries to oppose to his own moralities and make good on his life -- to stay free.

An unprecedented event occurs in the middle of nowhere. They have landed. What they didn't know is -- we were ready for them.

... and more.